Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are learning about flow charts

We are learning about different ways to write and present explanations. We have created flow charts showing how to make toast.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fish Book Trailers

We have been reading the book Fish by L.S.Matthews This is the story of a family who are escaping a war torn country to cross the border to safety. The boy in the story has rescued a fish from some mud and now carries the fish with him. They face adversity along the way with bleak conditions and lack of food and water. Then they are attacked in a hostage attempt. We made book trailers... This one is by Aaron, Charles, Rico, Chisora and Jasmine This one is by Katie, Breanna, Daniel, Jakob and Lizzy Here is another by Te Manaia, Kaiden, Awhina, Ani and Jared

Rugby League Skills

leanneg1969's More Fitness term 1 2013 album on Photobucket

Our Solar Unit

This term we have been learning about the sun and its energy.
We have been working with Room 5 and 7.
First we brainstormed all the things we knew about the sun.
We have investigated the UV rays of the sun with solar beads that change colour in the sun.  We have explored solar power and energy.  We created solar ovens and robots that use the sun's energy to move.  We have looked at some myths and legends about the sun.  Then we created some amazing sun art as well as ebooks about the sun.

Here are some photos of our work, including our initial brainstorms:
leanneg1969's Solar Unit album on Photobucket