Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Popplet brainstorming

We have been learning about wind power.  Everyone in our class signed in to Popplet which is a brainstorming app.  You can use Popplet on a computer via the internet or download the app to an ipad.
We could all research wind power on our ipads and instantly contribute to the Popplet brainstorm that Mrs Griffin created.
It was pretty crazy with everyone in the class adding their ideas at the same time, but it was also exciting to see the ideas go up so instantly to share with everyone else.  Our names show up at the top of the boxes so we can see who contributed the different ideas.
You can also watch Popplet brainstorms as a slide show.
We had a great time making our first collaborative Popplet and we will be creating more through the year.

You can take a wander around our Popplet here

Here is a photo of our Popplet so far

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