Friday, August 30, 2013

Earthquake recount by Breanna, Beaudean, Daniel, Aaron, Kaiden, Lizzy & TeNeil

Our earthquake recounts, unedited...

Friday 16 august 2013...
On friday I was in class doing my volcano art and suddenly i started feeling woozy. I thought I was about to pass out. People in the class starting saying earthquake so I was pretty happy it wasn't just me.
The room started to shake it was like I was in a giant shaking monster truck,My heart starting pumping and i started to panic I wondered what i would do next.

Finally Mrs Griffin said get under the desks so i did exactly that.  The earthquake was at least 3 minutes,When it was over Mrs Griffin said "Look at the fan it's shaking like mad."
I was directly under the fan.I looked up and almost screamed like a little girl,But i decided i 

would just stay cool.
It was a 6.6 earthquake set in Wellington,but I bet a lot of places felt it.

          BY BREANNA

                                                                    August 16th 2013

The earthquake was at 2:00pm Aaron was talking to ani    in the earthquake
i got under the desk quickly. It was scary. I said it was scary and when it stop we went back to work. By Beaudean. 

Earthquake by Daniel

On Friday the 16th of August I was sitting down on the beanbag looking up information about volcanoes. When I felt a rumble I thought WHAT! when I realised that there was in earthquake it when on for quite a while. The earthquake was very shaky as wobbly jelly. Some people thought that it was going to be there last breath but I knew it wasn't a big one. So I kept calm and didn't worry. I then heard get under your desk. So I got under my desk and heard Aaron yell ANI! GET UNDER YOUR DESK! Then a few minutes later it stopped. I got out from under my desk and got up. I  remember talking about it when I got home and how cool it was.

                                         Earthquake by Aaron

On Friday the 16th of August at about 2:30pm there was a massive earthquake.  We were just doing our art until I felt the class shaking I yelled earthquake and we rushed under our desk and gripped on to our legs of our desk.  The earthquake

Was 6.6 and it came all the way from Wellington.  When we came out of our desks the fan was swaying a lot I felt amazed.

Earthquake  By  Kaiden.

On Friday at school there was a earthquake at 2:30.  Before the earthquake some of as we're playing on the iPads and some of as we're doing art.     During the earthquake we all we're under the desk.  After the earthquake it was nearly 3:00 so we had to picked up after we picked up we cleaned up then we put up our cheers.

                                                         EARTHQUAKE by Lizzy

On Friday there was a huge earthquake.  It was like being in a jinormus jelly!  We were just doing our work then BAM we felt the earthquake.  We jumped under our desks screaming and giggling.

When it was over and the screaming had stopped we all looked up and the fan was swirling around like a cooking beater.

After the earthquake Mrs Griffin checked her phone that can tell you how big the earthquake is. The earthquake that Wellington had was  a humongous 6.6 earthquake WOW! But we only had a little earthquake in Dannvirke.


Last Friday they was a earthquake the fan was moving
we had to go under the desks and the earthquake toke
for ages to stop the earthquake was dangersis
and some people wore out side
They didn't cure about the
earthquake. and people thort that the fan was
gonay foll some people were skiers


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