Monday, August 19, 2013

Volcano documentaries

We are learning how to present information in a documentary.  We are studying volcanoes at the moment so we are going to make a documentary about volcanoes.
Today we brainstormed all the things we thought we might need to make a documentary.  Our first ideas were about apps on the ipads.
But we soon realised we had other things to think about first.
We split into groups and in our groups we discussed and negotiated what roles we would take on for our documentary.
The roles we brainstormed were director, editor, interviewer, interviewee, script writer, witnesses and camera crew.
Once we had decided and agreed on what kinds of roles we would take on, we discussed what we wanted in our documentaries.  Did we want voice overs, video clips, reenactments etc?
We were so busy planning our documentaries, we barely had time to touch the ipads.
We had a little bit of time to search for some video clips we might like to include.  We saved the links to our Edmodo backpacks so we can share and use them later.
Then we talked about apps: We decided that iMovie was the thing we needed, but we might also need Adobe Ideas to draw diagrams and pictures (of volcanoes) and Puppet Pals might help us for creating animations and reenactments.

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