Monday, September 9, 2013

Jakob's Mt Bruce Recount


 Rooms 8,9 and 10 went to Mount Bruce in Paihatua.  My parent was my mum Marise I was traveling with Daniels mum it was me,Daniel, Chisora, Katie and Breanna traveling in Daniels mums car. When we got there our guide was Rob.
  We went to see some birds there was the Kakariki, the kaka and a riflemans bird house the Kokako the  and the Takahe. Then we went to see the Tuatara it hardly moved it looked at us then turned away.
  We saw a baby gecko its was angry and trying to bite we saw its ears they were so tiny you couldn’t even see them the green gecko was very small and cute.

After that we went and saw the Kiwi, one was white and one was brown.  The brown one just walked around but the white one came really close and it was having a drink then it went into the second encloser. After that we went and had lunch    

Then we went to see the eels THEY WERE HUGE the biggest one weighed 15kg we could feed it you would feed it dead mice or kiwi food then the trout came and ate most of the food.    

Then we saw the kaka fly into trees and make loud noises then we went back home to Dannevirke

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