Thursday, October 31, 2013

Volcano documentaries

We have been working hard to create documentaries in iMovie about volcanoes. First we were divided into groups and we brainstormed the types of roles and jobs required to make a documentary. 

We worked in our groups to decide who would take on each role. We brainstormed what kind of resources we would need - we decided on a range of apps to help us. 

We used skitch to create our title and credits. We used puppet pals for some of the interviews and iMovie to put it all together. 

We worked hard - we argued, negotiated, contributed ideas, cooperated and collaborated. 

We wrote scripts, facts and credits. We recorded voice overs and chose theme music. We recorded puppet pals shows, rerecorded puppet pals shows and then did them again. We showed a lot of perseverance to achieve our end results. 

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