Friday, February 21, 2014


We are learning to figure out elapsed time problems. Some of us are still learning to tell the time so we have had some challenges.
We started with some group work learning about telling the time to the quarter and half hour. We have looked at analog and digital time. 
Yesterday we started a qr code challenge. We found cards pinned around the room and figured out the time shown. When we had found all the cards we used iPads to scan the qr codes so we could check our answers. 

Some of us had a go at some more challenging time problems, but we found it pretty difficult. 

Today we made some clock timelines to help us work out elapsed time problems. We made our timelines and wrote down all the things we knew about time. We talked about how time was different from base 10 math, but we could still use skip counting in 5s or 10s to help us.
Finally we worked on a couple of elapsed time problems. 

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