Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We are discovering onomatopoeia and how we can use it in our writing.  We have watched some very cool youtube clips about onomatopoeia.  We discovered a song written by a teacher Mrs. Monique Maples and performed by her class.  Mrs Maples gave us the lyrics so we could try and sing along.  How awesome is that?! We especially love the harlem shake at the end!

We have watched this super cute video here.

This video explains what onomatopoeia is.

Then just for fun we watched this short clip with Pooh and Tigger here.

We also watched an old Batman clip to see how the programme used onomatopoeia in the fight scenes.

We have also completed posters showing our knowledge of onomatopoeia.  We got our supercool poster templates from Runde's Room

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