Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our WALT board for term 2

WALT is an acronym for 'we are learning to'.  This board helps us know what it is we are trying to do and will show the focus for each curriculum area as the term progresses. 

Radiant reading responses

We have been learning how to use author's purpose to create posters about the stories we are reading. 
We know that the author's purpose could be to inform, entertain or persuade. 

These posters inform others about the story. They summarise the story and provide more information in pictures. 

Masterful maths musings

We are learning to explain our maths thinking so I have created our masterful maths musings board to show off our work. Here we have some of our musings about our knowledge of place value. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prefixes and suffixes

We are learning how to identify root words and recognise how prefixes and suffixes can alter the meaning. 
We began by studying Greek root words (thanks to Www.rakisradresources.com) as well as brainstorming prefixes and suffixes. 
Next we found the Maori words for our Greek root words so we could could make our own word combinations in Te Reo. 

To continue our investigation of prefixes, suffixes and root words we made some Mr Potato Head root words and matched them with prefixes and suffixes. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Andy Warhol inspired pop art

We created some Andy Warhol inspired pop art.  We used the laptops to take a photo and insert it into a Word document.  We had to crop our photo,  resize and print it.  Later Mrs Griffin photocopied it 4 times so we could use bright dyes to create pop art.

We are learning to write explanations and paragraphs. We have been practicing crafting paragraphs and today we started writing an explanation paragraph about our Andy Warhol inspired pop art.