Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Writing with idioms and Flocabulary

We have also been using Flocabulary to learn new words.
Flocabulary is a website that provides new vocabulary words in the form of a rap song.  We really enjoy singing along to a new rap song each week and learning about the meaning of the words in the song.

We have started learning about idioms, so today we have written some stories and attempted to use an idiom in our story as well as at least two of the flocabulary words of the week.

We wrote our stories and then published them in Pages (on the ipad app).  Then we uploaded them to our class Dropbox (an app that allows you to store and share documents in the cloud), so Mrs Griffin could save them as jpegs and put them on our blog.  We also saved them to our Edmodo backpacks.  Edmodo is a virtual classroom where we can share and store digital work.

Here are some examples of our stories:

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