Friday, February 21, 2014

Moving into week 4

Wow! This term is flying by.

We are further developing our skills to rewrite questions as statements during reading work. We have been answering  questions about the texts we are reading using the questions in our answer. The aim is that our statements are informative; anybody can read our answers and know what we are talking about. We have also been learning how to create posters with a target audience in mind. 

Our focus in writing is 'ideas'. 
We have been learning how to use our dictionaries and thesauruses to help make our writing ideas more interesting. We have taken one student sentence (from a photo prompt) and brainstormed as a class to make it more exciting. We were all pretty inspired with our new potential sentence and spent some time drawing our own visual interpretations of it. 

We have started to look at author's purpose and recognise that authors write to persuade, inform or entertain (PIE). This concept will help us not only identify the intent of other writers but identify how to shape our own writing. 
We have been able to categorise different writing such as magazine advertisements and fairy rales using PIE. 

We have also been using our thinking skills to reflect on things we have learnt in class. We have started with lower order thinking such as remembering and how we have used our memories to help new learning in class. We have used this in our writing and to reflect on maths learning. 

We are learning about time, specifically elapsed time ( see the earlier post about time). 
Here are our clock time lines to help us work out elapsed time problems. 

We will take the opportunity to use time and clock faces to help us learn the 5 times tables. 

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