Monday, July 21, 2014

Conflict in stories

It's our first week back for Term 3 and it has certainly started cold - today we had sleet and we are hoping it might snow. Brrrrr! This week in our literacy time we are looking at conflict in stories. We are learning about internal and external conflict. We watched some video clips from Toy Story to identify the conflict going on. Then we brainstormed types of conflict we know of in other movies and stories. 

We know: Conflict is a struggle between opposing forces or characters
- without conflict a story would be boring
- a story can have several conflicts
- the main conflict is central to the plot and its usually solved by the resolution.

Internal conflict Takes place inside a characters mind or heart. Sometimes involves a decision.
examples: Hiawatha, Thor, Jack & the beanstalk, the lion in the wizard of Oz.
External conflict Takes place between a character and nature, event or another character
examples of nature: Man of Steel losing his planet, Wizard of Oz tornado, Grasshopper & the ant (winter), Hiawatha.
examples of fighting: Walking with dinosaurs, Asterix, Thor, Cinderella, Wizard, of Oz, Ugly Duckling, Jack and the Beanstalk,

We realised that stories can have lots of different conflicts in them.

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