Saturday, August 31, 2013

Earthquake by Katie, Jakob, Chisora, Rico, Atarangi, Charles & Awhina

Our earthquake recounts, unedited...

Wellington earthquake
this earthquake was a 6.6
my body felt as hard as bricks
after it happened the fan was swaying
and all of my class were probably praying, 
there wasn’t going to be another one
I can tell you now it wasn’t much fun
I was playing a game,
when the quake struck,
so I looked at my desk,
and DUCKED!!!
by Katie

On the 16th of August a 6.6 earthquake struck in wellington. It went on for about 2 and a half minutes. I freaked out and jumped under my desk as fast as lightning.The ground was shaking like mad and hoped it wouldn’t be a really bad earthquake. I think my heart was beating faster than anyone else’s. All I was thinking was ‘Im too young to die!!!!’ It was just like everything went into fast- forward mode. I just wanted to scream my total head off but no words came out. Mrs Griffin was telling the class that everything was going to be alright.
At last the earthquake was over and I felt free again. what an experiance!!!! 
By Katie

Earthquake in Dannevirke by Jakob

On Friday at about 2.30PM a 6.6 earthquake happened when i was doing my volcano art . At first no one knew what what was happening then we realised  was a EARTHQUAKE.  We quickly got under our desks it went for 4 minutes.  It felt like an elephant was running under our feet.  During the earthquake I felt sick I wanted to throw up but I didn't . I wanted to go home but I couldn't it was to dangerous.

The earthquake was so strong and powerful it could of knock a building out of the ground could make cracks every where in the building I wanted to scream but I didn't.  I looked at Chisora HE WAS PLAYING ON THE I PAD.  After the earthquake I wanted to go home but it wasn't home time yet. :(


It was a normal Friday afternoon when...AN EARTHQUAKE STRUCK!!!!!!! I got scared/: I was walking to my desk. The wind chimes were going cling cling cling.

I was playing a game on the iPad mini, I kept on playing the game that I was playing...being a little cheeky (;shhh

When the earthquake faded away, I got out from under my desk and went to the beanbag with the iPad. I kept on playing the game that I was playing.

Chisora Hada.(:

Earthquakes by Rico

Creek creek!! I didn't know what w as going on until Aaron was being silly then he yelled earthquake then Mrs Griffin said get under your desk some people glared at the fan swinging side to side 

Creek !  I felt scared. As soon as it was over mrs griffin told us that the earthquake was 6.6 I was relieved then we went back to work. 

On Friday at Huia range school there was an Earthquake at 2.30  when the
 Earthquake happened some of us were playing on the iPads and
Some of us were doing volcano art.When I was setting down on the set suddenly I felt a little move so I told Awhina that there's a Earthquake so Awhina shouted EARTHQUAKE!!So we all got under our desk and stayed there intill the earthquake Atarangi.


On the 16th of August it was just a normal day and I was playing literacy games on the I pad suddenly it started to shake then I heard someone yell " earthquake ". Then I heard Mrs Griffin say " get under your desks " so we did. After that it had stopped then Mrs Griffin said " you can come out now ". I was a relieved I thought it would never stop. Then I thought there a after shock but it was just me.

By Charles       


On the 16th of august there was an earthquake and mrs griffin said EARTHQUAKE.Get under your desk  then she said look at the fan it is shaking to deth then when it stoped  the fan was still shaking then we.Got out of the desk and carryed on what we was doing there must be lots of houses noked over.By. Awhina

Earthquake's by Jasmine.

Last Friday at 2:30 there was a 6.6 earthquake.
When room 8 were doing their volcano art my
friend Aaron was screaming earthquake
I was freaking out.  Mrs Griffin was telling
Aaron to stop screaming she said what are the rules
that we use when there is an earthquake. 
Together room 8 screamed out drop cover hold so
MrsGriffin said do that then so we all curled up under our desks
like a Turtle.  When the earthquake had stopped we all got up from under our desks
This girl called Breanna  jumped up from under her desks and wanted to scream but she wanted to stay nice and cool she wanted to scream because when she got out from under her desk she saw the fan swinging backwards and forwards.  Breanna was right under the fan she was not happy at all but the rest of the class laughed at her but she did not like not one little bit. I will show you some images of earthquakes.

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