Monday, September 9, 2013

Breanna's Mt Bruce Recount

  MOUNT BRUCE by Breanna

It was 9:00 on Thursday morning,Me,Katie,Daniel,Jakob and Chisora were traveling in a car to go to Mount Bruce to see the magnificent birds and our beautiful endangered Kiwi.
Me and Katie were in the middle when we were on the way there.As we left Dannevirke Katie was complaining about Daniel kicking her seat.When we were at Paihiatua The boys were chanting Paihiatua,Paihiatua,Paihiatua. (it was very annoying) Then we passed The Tui Brewery and Chisora mentioned something about free lemonade.
When we got to Mount Bruce we were all sorted into three groups, group A,group B and group C. I was in group B with Daniel and Jasmine.

The first place we went to was the Kiwi house. We saw a white kiwi and a brown kiwi,The white kiwi was a girl and the brown one was a boy. The next place we went was theKiwi egg incubator, Sadly there was only one egg in there because it was only the START of breeding season.
Then we went to see the Gecko. The Gecko was green and his scales looked smooth. Did you Know that the N.Z Gecko had Living babies and not eggs that have to be hatched.It also had a blue mouth to try and scare of things that might eat them.
After that we went to see the birds,It was really cool to see that they were protected but still apart of there natural habitat. (the bush and trees) We saw a lot of cool birds,My favourite bird was the Kaka because it was fat and we got to see it up close.

After that we went to see the eels,They were creepy and they looked super slimy. Soon after we heard that we were going to feed them after lunch Katie said she does Not want to feed them because of what food they eat.

Soon after we went to eat lunch i saw Katie and Lizzy again,We talked about the kiwi house and the slimy eels.

After lunch we went back to the eels,Mrs Griffin chose me to feed them. Im not sure what they eat but Im sure that it wouldnt taste very good to humans.
Finally it was time to go home Me Daniel and Chisora were in the back seat because i beat Jakob there. A few Minutes later Chisora pulled out his BIG YELLOW PANTS , Daniel tried them on and he was being silly with them and before you knew it we had all tried on Chisoras BIG YELLOW PANTS. After that Daniel had another idea and that was for us to talk through the BIG YELLOW PANTS. After that Daniel thought he would try and put his hand through the BIG YELLOW PANTS ,Grab my nose and go HONK HONK! (it wast very fun). Soon after that Daniel Farted,We all yelled "Put the window down,Put the window down!" It was really gross. A few minutes after he did 2 more farts, "Me and Katie screamed because it was worse that the first one.

Finally we got home and the bell went so we left,It was very fun and i really enjoyed the car ride as well.

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