Monday, September 9, 2013

Daniel's Mt Bruce Recount

Mt Bruce trip

On the fifth of September, I went on a school trip to Mt Bruce.  We left at nine o’clock and I went with my mum, Jakob ,Marece ,Chisora, Breanna,Katie and me.  Me,Jakob and Chisora were sitting in the back harrasing  the girls.  When we came to Mangatonoka we saw the Tui brewery  and Chisora said “lets go get some free lemonade” and said  “what thats not a lemonade brand its a beer brand” 
 When we were coming to Paihiatua Chisora said “were in Paihiatua” then me and Jakob joined in sing Paihiatua {I wonder why but it was fun}.  When we arrived at Mt Bruce we had morning tea then got into our groups. The lady that led us around was called Laura.  We first looked at the Takahe. It is an endangered bird.
The next place we went to was the kiwi house.  We had to be extra quiet.   There was a Northern brown Kiwi and a white Kiwi. They had two enclosures and there was a hole in the wall so they could get from enclosure to enclosure.  In the kiwi house there was a Wellington green gecko.  The Wellington green gecko can wiggle its tail off.
Most of the northern brown kiwi are found on Little Barrier Island.  Kiwi from Mt Bruce were found from Little Barrier Island.  They think they have 30-50 kiwi at Puhaka. 
Then we went to the aviarys. The Kahurangi can say its own name.  The kahurangi also spends most of the time in the ground.  Kaka  have lived in puhaka for forty years.  Kaka can laugh, shout and do other things.  Kaka’s hop they don’t walk.
The eels were huge and we got to feed them.  On the way back I sat in the back with Breanna and Chisora.  In Chisora’s bag were some big yellow pants and Chisora ripped them out and we started playing with them.  When we got back the bus hadn’t arrived and the bell went so mum said lets just go.

THE END           Daniel McDougall

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