Monday, September 9, 2013

Katie's Mt Bruce Recount

Yesterday at 9:00 in the morning we went to Mount Bruce.
I went in Daniel’s car with Breanna, Chisora, Jakob and Daniel. As we were driving there we were “playing” I Spy. As soon as we got to Paihiatua the boys were singing really annoying voice, “Paihiatua!, Paihitua!,” :) Then Chisora wanted to go to the Tui Brewery and get free lemonade!!!
When we got there we had something to eat. Then we were put into groups, A,B and C. I was in group C with Piper-Rose’s mum.
The first amazing bird I saw was the Takahe. This native New Zealand bird looked a lot like a Pukeko and there are only 207 still left in NZ. I also saw the kaka. That bird was my favourite bird that I saw at Mount Bruce.  One flew right past my head!
Next we went into the bush. We got caught in a big shower of rain!:(
We saw a hihi bird which had a yellow head and a black and white body. They were kept in different cages because the male is aggressive. They also have a super-long tongue. They make a chirp chip sound.  We also saw the rifleman. This bird is the smallest NZ bird alive!!!
One of my favourite parts was seeing the white kiwi. It was so cute!!! The kiwi chicks that are born have a 10 percent chance of survival because the pests do a lot of the damage. :(
When we went to see a gecko a kaka touched my shoulder and I screamed because I thought that I was being attacked!!! The gecko was very interesting. His mouth was blue and he opens it which scares predators away. Geckos have live babies and the holes in each side of their face. Those are their ears!  They also don't eat anything bigger than the size of the size between their eyes and guess what, it's tail can drop off!!! 
Then I went  home in the car. Breanna climbed into the back seat. Daniel gave her a fair warning about him farting, but she didn't listen. Somewhere in the country Daniel farted and it smelt horrendous!!! Me and breanna were literally screaming our heads off so we had to keep the window down cause he kept wanting to do another one!!!
When we got home Daniel slapped my FACE. And it hurt.:(
But I still had a pretty good time!!! :)

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